Five of the most relatable parenting TikToks we've ever seen 1 week ago

Five of the most relatable parenting TikToks we've ever seen

Parenting contains multitudes. This we know. And some of the experience brings joy like no other. But sometimes, you feel a tiny bit unhinged...

That's where these five TikTok accounts come in. A lot of the parenting content we see online can be at best slightly sugar-coated and at worst absolute nonsense – most mothers can't take care of children full time, work full time, maintain friendships, a full social calendar and a healthy, happy relationship with their other halves. It doesn't (typically) work that way.

If you find yourself in need of some refreshing parenting content, these five are a good place to start...

@shawnathemom We contain multitudes #momlife #momcomedy #momskits #momhumor ♬ Comical and a little silly carefree music(831995) - Etsuo Kawasaki

Our favourite line is "I'm tapping out". How many times a day do you wish you could tap out? We hear ya.

@zeinahnur She always beats me to it ? #daddysgirl #daddydaughteralways #parentingreality #mumlife #fyp #somaliparents #viral #motherhoodtok ♬ Bandoleros - Don Omar

Little mites... There's two sides to every story, but the side daddy/mammy hears first is often the winner.

@deal_family MASS CONFUSION AT THE END!? #parenting #parentinghumor #parenting101 ♬ sonido original - Isandrep oficial

This one is SO true. The only sound that worries us as parents is when there *is* no sound.

@thestrohfamily When life comes full circle #momlife #momsoftiktok #marriedlife #parentsoftiktok #parentinghumor #momtok ♬ original sound - Jacob Miller

The irony of this one... The primary caregiver is always last out of the house in spite of being the most organised family member, hands down.

@mammybanter Things i thought I’d never say until i became a parent - Part 1 Between the kids being sick and me being sick ive been slow on content this week ? New series of the fam and jimmy at school videos coming atcha soon #parenting #parentinghumor #momcomedy #mumcomedy #boymum ♬ original sound - Mammy Banter

There are variations of these things that I KNOW every parent reading this will have said. Today's one round our house? "Do NOT eat the garden furniture, it's not food!"