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28th Nov 2021

The gift wrapping hack that’ll help you wrap perfect presents every time

Trine Jensen-Burke

gift wrapping hack

December is around the corner – and with it, mountains of presents to be wrapped.

I have always admired people who can wrap perfectly perfect presents – and not end up with oddly taped up mishaps, which I find so often happen to me – especially when the gift in question is not shaped like a perfectly rectangular – which, let’s face it – most presents are not.

However, now I have come across a nifty little wrapping hack that will no doubt come in super handy over the next few weeks – helping me wrap every single oddly shaped present there is.


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Et innlegg delt av Chantel Mila | Home Tips (@mama_mila_au)

Australian Instagrammer @mama_mila_au writes:

“How to neatly wrap those gifts that are a trickier shape. We have so many different shaped and sized toys to wrap under the tree and this method helps ensure they all look neat and is also a more cost-effective alternative to bags. Let me know if you try this one or have any requests for items to wrap.”

The video shows her first measuring the paper to fit around the gift, then fold the base upwards before creating a diamond shape and taping it into place.

Next, she plops the gift inside and seals the top. And then she simply punches holes and adds a ribbon – and voila; the present is done.