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05th Jul 2024

Wholesome family activities for a rainy summer day

Niamh Ryan

Summer holidays can be a struggle, especially if you’re trying to limit screens

If you’re faced with a rainy day over the summer, it can seem like there’s nothing to do other than sticking on a movie.

Fortunately, there are plenty of helpful hacks out there to keep them entertained.

Here are some baking and art activities that will keep them happy during the school break.

Making s’mores

While it’s definitely more of an American tradition, everybody loves a good s’more in the summer. With only three ingredients necessary, it’s a much easier task than baking something from scratch.

Get digestives or any kind of sweet cracker, marshmallows, and chocolate. You can make a tray bake, or go old-school and roast the marshmallows over a flame with a skewer.

Parental supervision is crucial, but kids will love getting to roast the marshmallows and assemble their smores.

DIY ice pops

Another simple but effective hack is making your own ice pops. All you need is a mold from the shop, and any kind of juice, fruit, or yogurt.

Kids will love mixing flavours together, and it’s certainly a good way to teach patience while they wait for them to freeze.

While it may not be hot every day this summer, ice pops always go down a treat.

Science experiments

Even if they don’t like it in school, kids love science when it comes to experimenting. There’s a huge variety of options for all ages.

For example:

Make a fort

If all else fails, the movie option is always there. But why not make it a bit more special by making a fort?

All you need is some blankets, chairs to drape them over, and lots of pillows and teddies.

You can even add fairy lights and decorations, but either way kids love having a cozy space to watch their favourite movie.

Summer can feel like forever, but hopefully, these tips can help in a pinch.