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18th Apr 2022

This Y2K hairstyle is back with a bang – and I don’t know how I feel

Trine Jensen-Burke

Everything old is new again.

Fashion is cyclical, as we all know, and if you hold onto something long enough, it will eventually come back into style.

And this time around – sure, look – we knew it was bound to happen – it is the era of the Y2K aesthetic revival.

All around me, women – who were probably only just about born during the actual Y2K – are running around with ‘Juicy’ emblazoned across their velour-covered bottoms, midriff-baring tops and super-shiny gloss lips (remember the iconic Juicy Tubes from Lancome?!).

It was the era of Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Lauren Conrad on The Hills, and Paris Hilton in The Simple Life.

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Et innlegg delt av Juicy Couture (@juicycouture)

And it was also the era of the tiny braids – preferably ones that framed your face – small skinny ones or slightly chunkier.

Braids were big back in the Y2K days, and now, they are back with a vengeance, and everyone and anyone have been seen rocking some version of the tendril braids lately, from Hailey Bieber to Bella Hadid and Kylie Jenner.

The idea is simple enough – you braid a couple of sections of your hair on either side of your face – and let them hang loose and almost blend in with the rest of your hair that is not braided.

Se dette innlegget på Instagram

Et innlegg delt av Bella ? (@bellahadid)

TikTok-er @oliviarosedemuro recently shared a video where she not only talks about the back-again hairstyle, but also demonstrated just how she does it.

Just take a look:

@oliviarosedemuro Braided highlight hairstyle #hair #hairstyles #transformation #hairtransformation #hairhacks #hairhacksandtips #fypシ ♬ Love You So – The King Khan & BBQ Show

Now – we want to know – did YOU rock this style the first time around? And if so, are you happy or horrified it is making a comeback…?