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02nd Feb 2017

5 Brilliant (And Creative) Things You Can Do For Valentine’s Day Under €150


It’s that time of year again, and whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day with your other half or not, it’s still a good time to drop a hint or two if you’re feeling under appreciated. 

Here are seven things that are super indulgent in one way or another. Let the winking and nudging commence…

1. A stroll somewhere meaningful

You know in movies when the lovers are walking hand-in-hand beside a moonlit river or sipping Prosecco on a blanket in a sunny meadow? Yeah, that. We’d give our right arm for a man to take the initiative and plan a thoughtful ramble that doesn’t necessarily end in a proposal (although we’re totally fine with that too). And it’s free and worth so much more than chocolates and flowers. 
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2. Breakfast in bed

This one is very achievable. Simply send him the link to these French Toast Bites, or mention these Banana Pancakes in conversation. On a health kick? Try these Avocado Eggs or this yummy smoothie. With any luck, your Valentine will enlist the kids to help whip you up a feast while you nab a sleep-in.



3. An ‘I Owe You’

Ran out of time to plan something? No sweat, make a date for another weekend, book a babysitter and invite him on the bathroom mirror (assuming little hands can’t get at it).

4. Dinner picnic

Can’t get a babysitter? Have a dinner picnic in your living room when the kids have eventually nodded off. Light a few candles, put a rug on the floor and have some one-handed food while you chug a bottle of vino.


5. The Number Twenty Two experience

Reincarnated from the old energies of McGonagles and The Crystal Ballroom, Number Twenty Two, just off Grafton Street, hosts eclectic performances and cultural events while you eat and drink. There is Game Of Thrones vibe, the food (salmon pate to-die-for), and the attentive service. Be fed, watered, and entertained all night in one spot without having to go from place-to-place with a two-course dinner and show from €54.95 per person.

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