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31st Aug 2023

Amy Huberman gets emotional as her youngest child starts school

It was an emotional day for actress Amy Huberman.

Amy Huberman’s youngest child has started school, the actress has revealed. It was an emotional day for the comedian after her son Ted headed off on his first day of school.

Amy shared the news on Instagram by posting a photo of his schoolbag and his school shoes.

Alongside the sweet photo, the mum said:

“My youngest housemate has headed off to make some pals and find some like-minded small humans to have deep and meaningful with about the first three letters of the alphabet and whether green play dough is absolutely better than yellow.”

Fellow parents sympathised with Amy on the momentous day with many sharing their own personal stories.

One said, “You’re first starting school and my first starting college. I remember his first day like it was yesterday oh how time flies enjoy them will they’re young.”


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Another added, “Aw I remember my youngest starting school like it was yesterday, he just got his first choice for college today. It goes by in a blink, Amy.”

“Wtf ! How did that happen so fast? My lil one doing the same today,” another wrote.

One teacher said, “We had more Moms crying this morning than children.”

Amy shares three children- two sons, Billy and Ted, and a daughter Sadie with her husband Brian O’Driscoll.