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24th Jun 2023

Mum has perfect response after being told to lose baby weight two weeks after birth

How could somebody do this?

Our bodies change a lot during and after pregnancy and it can take a toll on your mental health and confidence the last thing you need is anyone remarking on your figure or giving you tips on how you can ‘lose that baby weight’.

Mum Kasha Rebant took to social media to vent her upset at being sent emails on how to lose baby weight only two weeks after she had given birth.

Two weeks? I’m 100 percent sure I was still in an adult nappy at that point, definitely wasn’t concerned about my bikini body.

Rebant said she received multiple emails from about “shedding the baby weight” and “getting your pre-baby body back” and that it triggered her into negative thinking about her body.

“What has this world come to that moms are pressured to look or feel a certain way immediately after having a baby? Why does one think that postpartum automatically means dieting and weight loss? It’s tragic for the mental health of moms today and I’m definitely not immune. “ read Rebant’s post and replied to her asking if she would send them on the emails as the language used in the emails do not reflect them as a brand.

“Thank you for flagging this with us! That language doesn’t reflect our current editorial vision, so we’re taking down those emails and making changes accordingly. We’re sorry for any distress it caused you. We’re in the business of lifting moms up whenever we can.”