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26th May 2022

This is why Caitlyn Jenner wasn’t invited to Kourtney’s wedding

Kat O'Connor

Caitlyn Jenner was nowhere to be seen at Kravis’s wedding.

Last week, the Kardashians jetted off to Italy to celebrate Kourtney’s wedding, but one notable member was missing.

Caitlyn Jenner was nowhere to be seen during Kourtney and Travis’s lavish celebration.

Many fans presumed she snubbed the event, but it has since been revealed that Caitlyn wasn’t invited.

It is believed her relationship with Kourtney isn’t strong so the bride didn’t want to invite her.

Kourtney and Travis wanted to have a special and intimate ceremony so had quite the exclusive guestlist.

According to TMZ, there is no bad blood between the newlyweds and Jenner.

However, it is believed Kourtney isn’t close to her at all. They do have a relationship, but apparently, Kourtney rarely talks to her.

The couple only wanted to invite those close to them so Caitlyn simply didn’t make the guest list.

She wasn’t the only family member missing from the pair’s Italian wedding.

Scott Disick was also missing from the Kourtney and Travis’s special day.

It is believed Kourtney extended an unofficial invite to her ex-boyfriend, but he felt it would be wrong to attend.

The reality star is reportedly still struggling to accept that Kourtney has moved on.

A source told Hollywood Life, “Kourtney extended an informal invitation to Scott for the wedding, and she did add a condition if he decided to attend.”

“She said he can go as long as he doesn’t make things weird or uncomfortable for her, Travis, or anybody else for that matter. But at this point, Scott is planning on sitting this one out.”

Scott is reportedly happy for the couple but is still uncomfortable around them.