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06th Oct 2023

Do children belong at weddings? One mum has started a heated debate

Kat O'Connor

Do children belong at weddings?

One mum has divided opinions after being invited to two child-free weddings.

She told Mumsnet that it may seem like a good idea, but it causes more hassle than anything.

“We have been invited to two child-free weddings, both in June. We are going to attend both and are pulling in favours for childcare.

“However, I can’t pretend that I’m not mildly irritated by the wording in one of the invites.”

“One invite said, “Unfortunately bearing in mind we have limited guest numbers we cannot accommodate everyone’s children however this is a golden opportunity for parents to enjoy a night of relaxation and uninhibited revelry!”

“The second simply said: Whilst we love your children please note this is an adult-only occasion.”

The mum said both invites annoyed her because child-free weddings aren’t ‘relaxing’ but quite inconvenient and expensive.

“I’m more likely to be hand expressing in the toilets than dancing on a table.”

“It is absolutely the couple’s prerogative to have the wedding they want including making a decision to have no children- just own it and say so instead of dancing around it and pretending it’s a night off for me.”

Fellow mums were quick to agree with her. “I hate it when they try to pass it off as doing the guests a favour. It’s a nuisance and an expense sorting childcare.”

Another added, “I find people without children can sometimes assume that kids are the bain of our existence and we’d kill for time without them.”

However, others stressed that the couple has a right to decide who can and can’t attend.

“I’m completely on board with child-free weddings.”

Another asked, “Seems like every wedding these days is child-free. Does anyone actually invite kids anymore?”

What do you think? Are child-free weddings better or just an inconvenience for the parents?