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Early years

05th Oct 2023

Mum seeks advice when husband brings dog into family home with newborn

Weeks after giving birth, her husband brought his family dog into the home.

The mum, who gave birth to a daughter in June, has revealed that when her baby was only three weeks old, as she was recovering from a C-Section, her husband made the decision to bring his dog into the home.

Her husband had the dog for 13 years and has not lived with the animal for the last five years, with the pup living in the mum’s mother-in-law’s home.

The mum then admitted that she is now having a “very hard time” bonding with the dog and is finding it difficult to adjust considering she also has to take care of her newborn and the couple’s three year old toddler.

Taking to Reddit, the mum said that the dog has come with bad habits such as “peeing on things he shouldn’t” and is “constantly trying to eat my toddlers food”.

On top of this, the mum explained that the dog needs to be walked every three hours, hair gets everywhere and the dog barks every time her children are sleeping.

She wrote: “I feel like I’m trying my best to adjust to having 2 kids and now this dog is thrown in the mix and I’m just frustrated with him all of the time. I truly can’t find the energy, time and compassion to deal with him and I’m not sure what to do.”

Replying to her concerns, another parent said: “The dog is your husbands responsibility. Dont feel pressure to bond with it. Obviously do basic care tasks like checking water or letting it outside if you can, but dont stress about bonding with it.

“Your husband brought it into the home, its his job to take care of it AS WELL AS all the other child related tasks he should be doing. Make that crystal clear to him that you still expect all these other things to be done.”

A second parent added: “Getting a pet is a household decision, this reads like you came home with a new baby and a few weeks later your husband shows up with a dog.

“Look, I’m an animal lover but under no circumstances is that okay, you have every right to feel frustrated about this addition if you didn’t agree to it.”