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04th Nov 2021

“Falling asleep in her mother’s arms”: Police give update on Cleo Smith

Cleo is doing well and is back at her family’s home.

4-year-old Cleo Smith is doing well since returning to her family home, officers confirmed.

The young girl was reunited with her family after officers rescued her from a locked house just 7 minutes away from her family home.

WA Detective Senior Sergeant Cameron Blaine said: “From our point of view, I’m amazed she seems to be so well-adjusted and happy, it was really, heartwarming to see.”

Cleo has been “falling asleep in her mother’s arms”.

“On one occasion, she asked mum to come next to her, and lay next to her and look at her while she fell asleep,” he revealed.

“It’s really good to see that she is adjusted, getting some sleep, she is playing in the backyard, exactly how you would expect, like how my daughter did when she was four years old, it’s great,” Sergeant Blaine added.

He said finding Cleo after 18 days was an “overwhelming delight”.

It is believed Cleo is physically well. Officers were “overwhelmed to see her unharmed”.

Western Australia Premier Mark McGowan added that Cleo was “well-adjusted” considering everything she had been through.

“She has done a bit of sleeping and a lot of eating, a lot of lying around and cuddling.”

A 36-year-old man has been charged with abducting Cleo Smith.

He has not applied for bail.

He was remanded in police custody until December 6.

Police officers have stressed the man has no connection to Cleo or her family.

He was not in the house when Cleo was rescued but was arrested on a nearby street. Neighbours described him as an “oddball” and “a quiet guy”.