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26th Nov 2015

Clever nine-year-old bags himself a job on the Toy Show

Trine Jensen-Burke

If you’re not in, you can’t win.

That must have been what nine-year-old Charlie Brunton from Cavan figured when he picked up his pen and wrote a letter to Ryan Tubridy and the Late Late Toy Show, explaining why they absolutely should hire him (and his muscles) to help out with the show this year.

And the convincing letter impressed the team over at RTÉ so much that the young man landed himself the job. In fairness; just check out his letter, sure Ryan would have been a fool not to take Charlie up on his offer.


After getting a call from the show telling her that her son had bagged himself his dream job, mum Breege left work early to pick up the youngster and deliver the good news. “He was speechless driving home,” the proud mum explains. “Over the moon.”

The impressive job offer has landed Charlie a somewhat celebrity status back home in Cavan.

“Then the phone calls and messages started and it hasn’t stopped since,” Breege explains. “He has become a local celebrity. Everyone in our rural parish knows. He went around to each classroom in school to tell all the students and spoke at assembly about it.”

Fair dues to this bright young man, sometimes you got to be a little forward in order to get that dream job!

Now, who’s going to be watching Charlie on the Late Late tomorrow, guys?