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06th Dec 2016

This County Has The Highest Divorce Rate In Ireland

It’s the second smallest county in Ireland, but Carlow is punching far above its weight when it comes to divorce.

More married couples decided to go their separate ways in Carlow than in anywhere else in Ireland.

According to new figures released by the Courts Service, there were 125 applications for divorce per 100,000 people across the county last year.

Sadly, Dublin wasn’t far behind with 1,552 applications for divorce in the capital in 2015.

In more romantic news, the secret to a happy marriage could be life in Donegal Longford or Leitrim as those counties top the polls for the most lasting marriages.

In Donegal, only 66 divorces were registered in 2015.

Overall, there were 4,290 divorce applications in the Republic of Ireland in 2015. 3,264 of these were granted in the Circuit Court with some needing to be dealt with in the High Court.