Couple with newly adopted baby receive a surprise baby shower on their flight 1 year ago

Couple with newly adopted baby receive a surprise baby shower on their flight

This is so lovely.

Baby showers are pretty common nowadays.

In fact in Ireland alone there are approximately 40,000 baby showers every year, with just over half of these being thrown as a surprise for the expectant parents.

Saying that usually these surprise baby showers are organised by a family member or friend of the couple, not say a plane full of people they've never met before.


That however is exactly what happened to new parents Dustin and Caren Moore when they bored their flight with Southwest Airlines.

The couple were not boarding the plane alone as they had just adopted their new baby daughter and were returning home with her.

The staff knowing this information decided to do something super sweet for the new parents and throw them an impromptu baby shower with all the passengers on board the flight.


Dustin explained through a Twitter thread how the flight attendants Jenny and Bobby announced to the passengers on board the flight that the couple were on board with their newly adopted daughter.

They then said that they would be passing around napkins that the passengers could write a piece of advice for the parents on.

Included in the pieces of advice were;

"Rub each other’s feet, and rub the baby’s feet."

"Make time for date night."

"Always tell her you love her."

"Enjoy every minute. It goes by sooo very fast."

"Drink lots of wine!"

We're not crying you're crying.

Dustin and Caren have made all the napkins into a beautiful keepsake that they will be able to show their daughter in the future.