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22nd Mar 2023

Mom sparks controversy after revealing she’s keeping the dog that mauled her daughter

Clodagh McKeon

This mum said the dog “made a mistake”

A mum on TikTok has gone viral after she shared the story of how her dog attacked her daughter and left bad scars on her face.

Her and her husband have been getting a lot of criticism from people online after they decided not to put the dog down or re-home it following the incident.

Years later, the wounds on the little girls face have still not healed properly leaving her with pretty deep scars.

Now, the mum is asking for donations to help her daughter receive life-changing scar resurfacing surgery.

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Mum Klara posted the TikTok video that has over 344,000 views, over 7000 likes and over 1100 comments to date.

She has received a lot of negative comments saying she is a bad mum for allowing the dog to stay in the home.

Many people have even gone as far as reporting her to the police and to child services.

One person commented: “It’s unfortunate this happened but I don’t think I’d trust my dog again if he did this to my child … I say rehome him to someone without children.”

Another said: “There were clear signs that he wasn’t into being loved on, it wasn’t a mistake, it was a warning or a back off bite because he was uncomfortable.”

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In the original video, she said the family dog “made a mistake” and that the kids and the dog have been “best friends since they were born.”

The video transitions into a photo of her daughter with stitches on her face and a bloody shirt with the caption: “Then something went wrong.”

The next photo on the video was the dog and it said “he made a mistake” followed by a photo of her little girl at home looking really upset with stitches on her face.

Another photo of the dog wrote: “After that everybody told me to kill my dog.”

Klara has since made a number of videos addressing the attack and fighting back at people who said she made the wrong decision.

The little girls scars didn’t heal properly and so Klara has recently asked for her followers to donate to a GoFundMe for her daughter to get scar resurfacing surgery.

She said: “In emergency room the doctor did not sew up her face tightly due to a possible infection, and therefore my daughter has a fairly noticeable scar on her left cheek.

“Now she is 5.5 years old and we are decided to do a scar resurfacing. It’s done by a few of these and plastic surgery is not covered by insurance.

“So we need some help to remove her possible complexes in the future and keep her beautiful, girlish face.”

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