A woman has been accused of being a bad parent because of what she named her baby girl 2 months ago

A woman has been accused of being a bad parent because of what she named her baby girl

Many other people are agreeing..

A woman living in the UK has come out and said she "hates" her niece's name and thinks it's "absurd".

The woman who remains anonymous, said her brother and his wife named their baby girl Thumbelina and she dislikes it that much that she is making it her "duty" to try make them change it.

In a post written by the woman on Reddit she said: "My mum told me months ago that SIL (Sister-in-law) loves the name Thumbelina but feels kind of embarrassed and probably won’t do it.

"SIL sent a text in the group chat with the sonogram and said 'meet baby Ellie!!' and I was like, 'aww Ellie - so cute!' Then she told me later that Ellie is short for Thumbelina."

The woman also said she thinks it's a "hard name to age into".

She said: "I feel it’s my duty as epic auntie that I beg them to change the name before she’s born in June."

This post quickly received a lot of interaction online with many people totally agreeing with her on the matter.

One person commented: "That's how you get your kid to be the school bully's number 1 target."


Another said: "With apologies to your brother and SIL, 'Thumbelina' is a very silly name for their child.

"Their kid will not only age into it, but grow from it.

"I don't know if I'm clutching pearls here, but I reckon a real, human person named Thumbelina will have a rough time when her name is called out or announced at any point at school."

One person took to the comments to give an example of a nasty name the baby girl may be called by a bully in school.

She said: "Hey look! It's DUMBELINA!"

Others in the comment section rudely remarked that Thumbelina would be a great name for a cat or dog.

In response to the feedback she was getting on this post, the woman wrote: "No, they are not joking and no, they are not bad parents. They already have 3 kids, albeit with normal names.

"It's pretty much a tragedy. But I will say, I don’t appreciate the comments claiming that this is an act of abuse.

"They are mindful and well-meaning parents with children who adore them.

"Just cause they’re having an immense lapse in judgement doesn’t mean they’re bad parents."

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