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07th Mar 2018

Dog Yoga is the brand new fitness trend that’s the puppy-lovers dream

We need this in our lives

Olivia Hayes

Well, this looks fun.

Listen, we’re not ones for getting up at 5am every morning to hit the gym. To be honest, we’re quite the opposite.

Don’t get us wrong, we like to keep fit and healthy, but we have kids to feed, clothes to wash, lunches to pack… not to mention sometimes we just want some down time to ourselves.

However, this new fitness trend might change our minds.

Say hello to Dog Yoga, or Doga, as some like to call it.

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The new workout is designed for you and your pet dog, and honestly, we can’t think of anything better in this world.

Doga was invented by Mahny Djahanguiri in 2012, but has only hit the UK this year. It hasn’t even hit Ireland yet (which we think is a travesty).

It involves bonding with your dog through meditation, exercise and some yoga poses. Bliss.

Speaking to Business Insider UK, Mahny said: “It’s so beautiful when it synchronises and the dog sits on the mat, or comes to you because you’re calm.”

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“That’s when you can reach out and start doing poses together.”

Also, having a dog is not necessary, so if you love the gorgeous animals, but don’t have one yourself, you can still pop along to a class.

We just need it to take off on this side of the pond. Any takers?