EastEnders fans fear an 'incest storyline' could kick off on the programme 4 years ago

EastEnders fans fear an 'incest storyline' could kick off on the programme

Surely they wouldn't air this before the watershed.

Mel Owen returned to Albert Square recently and it's safe to say that viewers were over the moon about her reappearance.

She's come back with her on-screen son, Hunter Owen, who seems to have struck up something of a romance with Louise Mitchell.

Here's the thing though, even though Hunter's dad is meant to be Steve (played by Spandau Ballet's very own Martin Kemp), viewers have a few question marks about whether his father really was Steve.

See, Mel also had a thing with Phil back in the day and a lot of viewers online reckon that his true father is in fact, Phil Mitchell.

Which in turn would make him Louise's half-sister and that could mean big trouble for any potential romance between the pair.

... As fans have been pointing out online.


Where's Jeremy Kyle when you need him? We need a DNA test.

This isn't the first time the soap has toyed with such a controversial storyline though.

Way back when, Sharon Watts ended up falling for Dennis Rickman - and even though the pair were only related by adoption and not by blood, the good people of Albert Square still weren't all that pleased by what was going on.

Only time will tell whether Hunter and Louise will face a similar fate.