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17th Aug 2022

Kim K broke up with Pete Davidson to “prioritise” her children

Kat O'Connor

Kim Kardashian and Pete called it quits after 9 months.

Earlier this month, Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson ended their relationship after 9 months. Sources claimed the pair were struggling to cope with the distance while Pete filmed in Australia, but a source now claims it was because of another reason.

Kim’s ex-husband Kanye West has been targeting Pete since the pair started dating.

After their breakup, the rapper posted a photo of a fake newspaper headline that read ‘Skete Davidson dead at 28’.

Kim was reportedly furious over Kanye’s behaviour, but the tension started to affect her children.

A source told OK! that the couple’s four children were aware of the fallout between Kanye and Pete.

“The kids were very aware of the spat their dad was having with Pete. It was unnecessary.”

“It just brought unwanted attention and grief to the family. She’s their mother first and foremost so she’s prioritising them.”

Kanye is aware that Kim doesn’t want to get back together, but “he wants her to be happy”.

The source said Kim and Pete’s age difference was also a factor in their split.

“Their age difference was becoming more and more apparent. She is more mature than Pete. Kim was exhausted and with him being in Australia, the time difference was very hard for them. Long distance relationships are difficult.”

“Kanye will wish her happiness but it has to be with the right guy. He just felt Pete wasn’t right. Pete is absolutely gutted.”

Kim and Pete started dating shortly after she hosted SNL.