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31st Dec 2023

Gordon Ramsay’s newborn son is the spitting image of his dad

Nina McLaughlin

“Bloody hell you’ve shrunk Gordon!”

Gordon Ramsay and his wife Tana recently welcomed a new bundle of joy in the form of son James.

They welcomed the little one back in November, but when they gave fans a glimpse at the latest addition to their family, people were all saying the same thing.

“OMG!!! It’s literally another Gordon,” one person commented.

A second put: “Deffo a mini Gordon. He looks like he’s about to say where’s the lamb sauce.”

“Wow! How much does he look like his dad,” a third commented.

“Yep have to agree a mini Gordon beautiful wee human enjoy your beautiful family,” a fourth said.

A fifth wrote: “Bloody hell you’ve shrunk Gordon!”

It comes after Ramsay stirred some debate for claiming that he has his children fly economy when they go on holiday, while he has a first-class seat.

He says that it is to keep his children “seriously grounded and motivated.”

“When it comes to holidays, I told them, ‘Don’t you dare waste that f***ing money flying first class from here to New York. We all f***ing take off together, we all land together. Think what else [you can] do with money,’” the celebrity chef told The Sun.

“When they ask if they can pop up to us for some nice food, we say, ‘No you f***ing can’t’, so now they take their own picnics on board, and they’re absolutely fine in economy,” he continued. “I mean, what 14-year-old needs to sit in a reclining chair?”

“It’s so important to [my wife] Tana and I that they stay seriously grounded and motivated.”