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16th Jun 2024

Lip reader reveals Prince Louis’ brutal reply after Princess Charlotte told him off

Ryan Price

Prince Louis seemed to be enjoying himself a little too much at yesterday’s Trooping the Colour event

Prince Louis delivered a brutal response to his older sister Princess Charlotte as she tried to keep him in line during yesterday’s Trooping the Colour.

The youngest of Prince William and Princess Kate’s children was being a typical six-year-old, dancing along to the proceedings and having a bit of fun at what must have been a very tedious afternoon for him.

The Princess of Wales arrived in a carriage alongside her husband and three kids, in what was her first public appearance since she announced her cancer diagnosis earlier this year.

The family enjoyed a carriage ride down the Mall, before standing at Horse Guards Parade to observe the regiments, in red ceremonial dress, carrying out their parade.

They then retreated to a Buckingham Palace balcony to enjoy the remainder of the ceremony, alongside King Charles and Queen Camilla.

At one point, Prince Louis could be seen dancing along during the quick march of the Scots Guards to Highland Laddie, but he was quickly pulled up on his giddy behaviour by his big sister Princess Charlotte, 9.

Lip reader Nicola Hickling revealed to The Mirror what she picked up from the short sibling exchange.

According to her, Charlotte appeared to say: “You have to stop doing that. Watch the parade”, to which Louis replied: “I won’t”.

In turn, Charlotte seems to say: “Do as you’re told” and Louis added: “Nope.”

Louis’ playful antics continued throughout the event, and at one point, he appeared to cheekily tug on the blind cords behind him as his mum Kate stood close by, watching his every move.

Shortly after, Louis was seen yawning while watching the parade from the window at the Duke of Wellington’s former office. The little prince lifted his head back, with his hands behind his back, and left out a big exhale, while his older siblings politely observed the event.

In another heartwarming moment captured by the live TV coverage, Princess Charlotte could be seen telling Prince Louis how he should place his arms during the national anthem.

Many royal family fans were over the moon to see the Princess of Wales out with her family yesterday.

One user on X posted: “Glad to see Kate out and about,” while another wrote: “Kate looks so classy.”

The Princess announced her diagnosis in a video uploaded to social media in March, and has been undergoing treatment since.

During the video, Middleton stressed that she was well and hopeful of making a “full recovery” while also requesting that her and the family’s privacy is respected at this difficult time.

“Having William by my side is a great source of comfort and reassurance too. As is the love, support and kindness that has been shown by so many of you. It means so much to us both,” the Princess continued.

“I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you, personally, for all the wonderful messages of support and for your understanding whilst I have been recovering from surgery.

“It has been an incredibly tough couple of months for our entire family, but I’ve had a fantastic medical team who have taken great care of me, for which I am so grateful.”

In early May, Prince William provided an update on his wife’s condition to a member of the public, who told Sky News: “I asked William about his wife Kate and he said: ‘She’s doing well, thanks,’ and I suggested they might like to come for a visit and bring the children.

“William responded: ‘The children are very jealous that I am here… Maybe we might come later in the year’.”