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12th Jun 2024

‘My nightmare mother-in-law fed my 10-week-old baby ice cream’


She claimed her mother-in-law ‘never really liked her’

The parent of a child expressed her horror at her “nightmare mother-in-law” after she fed the 10-week-old baby ice cream.

Posting to a Reddit forum in which advice on how to navigate relationships with their partner’s mothers is discussed the parent, who remained anonymous, explained the backstory.

As well as claiming that her mother-in-law “never really liked her”, the woman even said that she refereed to her as an “incubator” during pregnancy.

She said: “She’s always had this thing of trying to control my husband and make my input or advice seem wrong or like I don’t know what I’m saying or doing”.

To emphasise she was telling the truth, the woman says even her partner’s grandmother has told her daughter to start “being nice” to her.  

Despite constantly telling her not to feed her child ice cream, the mother-in-law defied orders and sneakily gave her 10-week-old their first taste of ice cream over the weekend.

According to the NHS,  products containing cow’s milk should not be given to babies until they are at least six months old as the protein can affect their kidneys.

“I’m assuming it was just the finger-tip full of ice cream. I know this was true because later on she told my husband she did it,” she added.

As a result, the child suffered an upset stomach and also developed a rash which has since gone away. 

“Although she is seemingly fine, I can’t forgive my mother-in-law. She knew it was wrong or she wouldn’t have hid.

“We have repeatedly said no. She’s still too young, we were worried about allergies, and we want to be there for fun stuff like that (when she’s old enough).”

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