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15th Mar 2024

‘My mother-in-law held my newborn before me and I’m heartbroken’


One new mum was heartbroken after her mother-in-law held her newborn baby before she even got a chance to.

The mum explained that she had had an emergency c-section and was being stitched up when her mother-in-law decided to pick the baby up.

The mother from the UK said that her mother-in-law is a doctor and used her access card to let herself into the recovery room unbeknownst to the new mum.

Because of this, while the new mum was being stitched up from her intensive surgery her mother-in-law was able to hold the new baby before the baby’s mother had a chance to.

“I’m so angry and upset about this. I am actually in tears this morning thinking about it all again, and so angry and upset still.”

The mum asked the forum Mumsnet if she was being reasonable to which other parents responded;

“The intrusion was very thoughtless, and the hospital staff and your mother-in-law should have known better. You are completely justified in feeling violated and angry.”

I needed an emergency c-section during the delivery of my first baby but the only family member who got to hold my son before me was his dad, which is fair enough as he is the other parent.

I can’t imagine how hurt I would feel if I were in the same position as this woman, it’s a moment that was taken from her and she can never get back.