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15th Mar 2024

Mum who didn’t know she was pregnant gives birth to twins

Kat O'Connor

The twins were quite a surprise for this new mum

A Cork mum was left pretty surprised when she went to the doctors and discovered she was pregnant with twins.

The mum admitted she had no idea she was pregnant, never mind with twins.

New mum Rebecca went to the doctor for a precautionary visit and was stunned to hear she was expecting.

She reportedly started bleeding so her husband rushed her to hospital as a precaution. The couple were then told that they were expecting not one but two babies.

The woman was on birth control and was also having regular periods.

Speaking to 96FM’s The Opinion Line, the twins’ grandmother Sandra Coveney-Schulz said they’re overjoyed but shocked.

She confirmed the twin boys, called Cúan and Tadhg, were born via emergency C-section in CUMH on Thursday, March 7th.

She told the radio station, “Panic then sets in because you’ve gone from the shock of her being pregnant to the shock of her having twins or triplets, to an emergency situation. You’re always going to think something can go wrong.”

Rebecca just thought she had gained weight so she had nothing prepared for her newborns.

The grandmother said, “They didn’t even have a nappy. We’re kind of in shock a bit because we knew there were no babies in the plan, they had other things they were planning. They were trying to get onto the property market. This had never even come into their scope.”

The new parents didn’t have time to prepare for the arrival of their twins, but there’s no doubt they’re overjoyed by their surprise additions.

Huge congratulations to the new parents.