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24th Apr 2024

Mum issues warning after her air fryer goes up in flames

Kat O'Connor

A mum has issued a warning after her air fryer went up in flames this week.

Rebecca Sim was cooking bacon in the air fryer just before it went on fire. She spoke out about the incident in a bid to raise awareness.

The 52-year-old mum told Manchester Evening News;

“It could have burnt the kitchen down.”

She explained that she had bought the air fryer for her daughter who was in college, but she had taken it home during a recent visit.

The mum urged people not to leave their air fryer unattended because you just don’t know what could happen.

She said, “So many people have now got air fryers, and so many of my friends have got one. They all say they often leave it cooking while they go and do something.

“It is very simple to use and it had been thoroughly cleaned, so I wasn’t expecting it. It was a really nasty experience that could have been far far worse without my quick thinking.”

“I noticed a tiny flicker in the bottom part of the fryer”

Rebecca opened the air fryer tray when the bacon was almost cooked. Before she took it out, she noticed a small flicker at the bottom of the fryer.

“As I was checking the tray I noticed a tiny flicker in the bottom part of the fryer. I was concerned as it didn’t look right.”

The mum explained that she smelled plastic and noticed a flicker. She turned off the air fryer using a wooden spoon. She then plugged it out and placed a damp tea towel over it.

“When I removed the tea towel I saw smoke and the beginnings of what looked like flames in the base of the fryer. I have Multiple Sclerosis and I am not that fast or strong so with much difficulty I picked it up and threw it out the back door where it turned into an inferno.

She added, “I couldn’t believe how quickly it burnt up and there was so much noise. It was really shocking.”

Rebecca said the air fryer was cleaned before she used it.

Tower has launched an investigation into the fire.