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26th Oct 2023

This mum has a weird and wonderful hack to help her children go to the toilet at night

Anna Martin


It’s simple, strange and effective.

For those of you who have just about toilet-trained your children, you’re probably now dealing with another problem – getting them used to going to the bathroom at night.

Yes, many kids are too scared to go to the bathroom during the night, (which is so fair) however, mums have now discovered a genius product that could make a world of difference.

Mel Thitchener stumbled across the product in question while doing a recent grocery shop and just had to share it with other mums.


“It’s just a jokey gift from the Kmart Kris Kringle section but I thought it could be used in a more practical fashion all year around,” she told Mamamia of the toilet bowl light she’s now installed in her bathroom.

“We’ve had the light for the last two nights and my kids – five years old and nine years old – are really happy with it.

“It saves blinding yourself by turning on the full light and the motion sensor and automatic turn-off means you aren’t wasting batteries all night.”

Other parents were quick to agree that the product would be ideal for kids who are too scared to go to the toilet in the dark.


Not only will it help your children but you might even get a good laugh in the process!

We’ve found a very similar product on Amazon for just €11.48 and we think we’ll be investing.