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Early years

09th Feb 2024

Are you trying to potty-train your little one? Try the ‘Three Ps’ some mums swear by

Sophie Collins


We’ll take all the help we can get!

Potty-training your toddler is no easy task, and with so many routes you can take with it, it can be daunting.

Whatever you choose as your method, it’s worth having a look at this Scottish mums hack for training your tot quickly.

The mum took to social media to hail what she says is ‘a foolproof method’ that works in just 72 hours.

Courtney Ryrie, a well-known parenting influencer, says that this trick helped to potty train her two-year-old son in just a couple of days.

All parents need to do is learn about the so-called 3P rule, which involves practising:

  • Persistence
  • Patience
  • Praise

In a TikTok video, she explained the rule and claims it is everything that parents need to do in order to get quick and easy results.

The woman, who posts under the username @scottishcourt, said: “Just to prepare you guys before you make plans, your child is going to be naked the whole three days and you will not be able to leave the house at all for those three days, so make sure you plan around a time you don’t have to go out and do anything.”

Courtney explained that parents need to start by giving their toddler lots to drink on the first day and putting them on the potty every 10 minutes.

She said: “Persistence. This is the most important in the first day, or however long it takes for your child to grasp it.

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“Personally for us, it was one day to know where the pee goes. Every ten minutes you’re going to put your child on the toilet and say ‘Do you need to go?’.

“The whole day you’re going to fill them up with juice, any juice they want. For three days it’s not going to matter. And every single ten minutes, toilet. Toilet. Toilet. You do that until it’s bedtime.”

She went on to say: “Now while our son was in the toilet we’d let him use his iPad to keep him on it because at first he was like get me away. But after a couple of times, he got the gist.

“He got his iPad so he wanted to go on it. And he kind of tried tricking us sometimes by sitting on it for like 20 minutes so he could watch 20 minutes on his iPad, but we kind of let it pass the first day because it is his first day.

“At the end of the first day, he knew, ‘Wait, I need to pee’, so he’d come and get us so we’d take him to the toilet. By the time the second day came, he was going to the toilet by himself. That was great for us.”

Patience is key during this process because it is likely that your child will have a few accidents as they’re getting used to their new bathroom routine.

Courtney explained: ” If you make them feel negative about it, they won’t want to do it anymore.

“By the end of the first day, the accidents reduced a lot, and we had no accidents for us personally on the second day in regards to the peeing department.”

The final step in her fool-proof process is positive reinforcement. Courtney and her husband say they make sure to reward their child each time he used the potty successfully.

She added: “You cheer, you celebrate them, lift them up, give them – whether it be a sticker, candy, a toy, whatever you think will motivate them.

“By the end of day one, Kolsyn was coming to get us every single time he needed the bathroom for us to take him to the potty.

“By the end of day two, the beginning of day three, he was going all by himself. Honestly, I was so shocked at how fast he did it!”