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26th Sep 2023

Mom reveals hack that stops toddlers from colouring on walls

This hack is so clever!

A mum has revealed how to stop your toddlers from scribbling all over the walls at home. You could buy them all the colouring books in the world, but your child will still choose to scribble all over the wall once your back is turned.

We’ve all spent an evening scrubbing red crayon off our freshly painted sitting room wall at some point, but one mum has revealed her genius way to stop that from happening.

32-year-old mam, Vic, took to TikTok to share the hack with fellow parents.

She said it is the one trick she wishes she knew sooner.

“The toddler hack I wish I knew earlier,” she says in the video.

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In the clip, her toddler can be seen colouring on their bathtub with watercolour paints.

The mum said her child still gets to colour, but cleaning the bathtub surface is simple.

It’s also far less time-consuming than repainting the walls in your house.

“Keeps your walls white and your toddler busy for at least half an hour. I promise,” the mum shared.

The mum added that the hack helps get your kids ready for bath time. If they ever kick up a fuss about getting washed then this will put a stop to that.

“And it is so easy to clean your kid afterwards,” the mum added.