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Early years

27th Jul 2023

Mum pulls child from nursery after allegedly fracturing his leg and staff didn’t notice

A mum has been left furious after she discovered that her toddler had fractured their leg.

She believes it happened while he was at nursery but none of the staff picked up on it.

Earlier this year, the mum collected her son from nursery in Queensland, Australia at 3:20pm and knew instantly that something was wrong.

Instead of his usual routine of running to his mum and grabbing his bag, the almost two-year-old was on his stomach on the ground and holding himself up with his hands.

The mum immediately ran to help her son and as he got to his feet, she noticed he could only stand on one leg, “like a little flamingo.”

She then questioned the staff at the nursery about what happened to her son that day after she had dropped him off at 6.30am.

One staff member claimed nothing had happened but another said they had noticed the boy had not been using his right leg but staff put it down to ‘pins and needles’.

A third staff member then allegedly told the mum that her son had been sleeping “a lot”.

She then decided to take him to hospital. He was “screaming so much” which left her unsurprised when the result of a scan showed a fracture in her son’s right tibia.

Once she could take her son home, the mum called the nursery to share how “furious” she was and that she’s be making a “formal complaint”.

The nursery has since responded by claiming the boy was examined by a member of staff but didn’t cry when his leg was touched.

They also said they called the mum to tell her her son was not feeling well, despite the mum denying this happened and said she would have rushed over if she missed a call as her work is “across the road.”

The mum told Kidspot: “It makes me sick to my stomach when I think that he was moved from one area of the floor to another throughout the day for seven hours.”

The toddler has since been pulled out of the nursery and the incident has been reported to the Department of Education but no action has been taken.