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05th Apr 2024

Mum’s outrage after discovering €1200 nursery lets son watch TV

Kat O'Connor

How would you feel if this was your child?

Childcare is supposed to give us some sort of balance in life.

If it wasn’t for nurseries and creches we’d struggle to work, take care of our own needs, go to medical appointments, do the housework, and everything in between.

It gives us the time to muddle through our to-do lists without worrying about the kids.

However, the cost of childcare is something that causes strain, stress, and just too much anxiety for parents.

It sets us back so much, but it’s an expense some of us don’t have a choice but to fork out on.

Besides, knowing your child is being cared for when you’re working or busy is a massive comfort to parents.

Knowing they’re making friends, playing, learning, and having fun is reassuring, but one mum was enraged when she discovered her son’s nursery wasn’t exactly doing as they promised.

The mum revealed she pays a whopping £1200 a month for her sons to attend nursery.

She expressed her disgust when she found out her son had been placed in front of the TV during his time at the nursery.

“My almost 3-year-old has been attending the same nursery since we moved back to the UK from Australia last year. I’m happy with the nursery and he really likes it there, his wee brother who is 18 months started going a few months ago and I’ve had no complaints,” she explained.

However, one night the mum arrived to collect him when she spotted him glued to a TV with a group of kids.

“He was sat with 5 other kids watching cartoons on a large computer monitor, this is the third night in as many weeks that this has been the case.”

The mum said her son watches television at home, but they try to be stricter with how long he’s spending in front of a screen, especially at such a young age.

The mum said she doesn’t feel comfortable with him watching the telly in a nursery.

“I’m currently paying £1200 per month for them both to attend three days each as I work full-time nightshift, kind of pisses me off to pay over a third of my salary to childcare and then find him sat watching telly.”

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