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27th Jul 2023

Royal expert claims Prince George is aware of William and Harry’s rift

At just 10 years of age, Prince George is said to be “embracing” his role in the royal family and has “stepped up” in his training.

During this, it is believed he “might have picked up on” on the rift going on between Prince Harry and his father, Prince William.

Royal expert Tessa Dunlop told OK! Magazine that the family have “pulled together” and that “George might have picked up on some of that and is helping mum and dad do their job.”

“They’ve lost Uncle Harry and so forth and he realises he’s got to step up to it – 10-year-olds can often be quite mature,” she said.

“A lot has happened in the last 18 months for the Royal Family and they can’t possibly protect him from all of it, there’s been huge events, the Queen has died and that has pushed William and Kate up a gear, up a rank and by definition George as well.

“And he’ll be aware of that, and I get the impression that he’s almost accepted to an extent, that these aspects ‘come with my role being part of this unique family and I’m going to do that for mum and dad and for Grandpa’.”

George celebrated his 10th birthday last weekend and it was celebrated with an official portrait of the prince.