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07th Jul 2023

My mother-in-law cried because I didn’t pick the wedding dress she wanted

Trying to choose a wedding dress isn’t easy, but throw in other people’s opinions and it makes the experience ten times harder.

One bride was left feeling pretty stressed after finding her dream wedding dress. It is meant to be one of the most exciting moments of a bride’s life but her mother-in-law completely took away from it.

She explained that she started to cry because she didn’t get her way.

The bride-to-be wrote about the uncomfortable experience on Reddit. She explained that she is marrying her fiancé Jack next year and his mother is super involved in the preparations.

“His mom is excited for the wedding and has been very involved. I’m currently looking for a wedding dress and my future MIL insisted on looking with me.”

“I had no issue with that until recently, when we went shopping and she kept criticising every dress I tried on and kept saying things like “no that’s not for us”, and “we can do better”.

The bride-to-be was understandably irritated but tried to stay calm because she didn’t want to taint such a special occasion.

“At some point, I tried on a dress and immediately fell in love. I looked at the saleswoman and told her it was the one that I wanted.”

Her mother-in-law then snapped and said, “Are you kidding? I don’t want that one, she’s not pretty.”

The bride told her future mother-in-law that it was her choice and nobody else’s.

“I was thankful she volunteered to come with me, it was still MY future wedding dress and therefore MY choice, and that I was gonna choose that one whether she liked the dress or not.”

“She started crying and told me that I was being ungrateful for everything she’s done for me and called me selfish. She then left and took a taxi home.”

When she returned home, the woman’s fiancé said she should’ve been more understanding because he was her only kid.

“It’s her only chance to live this,” he said.

The bride admitted she could have been nicer “but I also feel like I should be able to choose the dress I want”.

Most users agreed and said the mother-in-law was totally out of order. However, others empathised with the mother-in-law and said she likely meant no harm and was just too emotionally involved.

What do you think?