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14th Jun 2024

These traditional Irish baby names are at risk of going extinct in 2024

Niamh Ryan

Irish names have risen in popularity again over the years, with names like Oisín, Croía, and Fionn being some of the top names for 2023

However, there are some Irish names that have fallen significantly in popularity, and may be disappearing for good.

Réidín (ray – deen)

Réidín is a girl’s name meaning ‘little star.’

Between 1964 and 2022, only 11 girls were given this name, so it would certainly be a unique choice.

Ardal (ar – dul)

The most known person with this name is actor and comedian Ardal O’Hanlon, known for portraying Fr. Dougal in Father Ted.

Ardal means ‘high valour’ and ‘fierce.’

Did you know that the name is more popular in Switzerland than it is in Ireland?

Phelim (fay – lim)

Phelim, also spelled Feidhlim, is a boy’s name meaning ‘ever good.’

As it’s a traditional name from Old Ireland, it’s not surprising that it’s less popular. However, that’s not to say it won’t have a revival.

Cadhla (ky – la)

Another gorgeous name for a baby girl, Cadhla means ‘graceful.’

Last year, it was the 87th most popular name for a girl in Ireland.

Eireann (air – in)

This is a rare spelling for the common name Erin, but just as beautiful. Meaning ‘Ireland’ as Gaeilge, it’s a perfect homage to your heritage.

Eolann (oh – lin)

If you like the name Eoghan but feel it’s slightly overused, this is a similar alternative. Eolann means ‘a kind of ornament’, and was only used three times last year according to the Central Statistics Office.

Would you consider giving these Irish names a new lease of life?