Ireland to be as hot as Barcelona as Leaving Cert heatwave begins this week 3 months ago

Ireland to be as hot as Barcelona as Leaving Cert heatwave begins this week

Typical Leaving Cert weather, isn't it?

Ireland is set to be as hot as Barcelona this week as the Leaving Certificate weather continues.

Temperatures are set to reach up to 25 degrees as a humid air mass hits, bringing a few scattered showers in the south.

This weekend is showing signs of rain but next week looks promising with temperatures expected to be in the 20s.

According to The Sun, Alan O’Reilly from Carlow Weather said: "Weather models continue to show unsettled outlook from Saturday with risk of heavy showers, but amounts generally don’t look too high.

"The ECMWF model also showing a chance of much warmer air moving up next week which could bring temperatures into high twenties but uncertain yet."

He also said that there would be little rainfall over the next seven days but that nothing is certain yet.

Saturday is expected to be clear and dry but humidity will be high.


Rain showers will bring humid and dry air with them.

Mark Bowe from Met Eireann said that today will see temperatures between 16 and 22 degrees but will be cloudy and mostly over cast.

He said Friday will also see some cloud but will be dry and sunny in most areas.

However, he said the weather will change for those in Munster, who should expect some isolated showers.

This weekend will see the high-pressure dominance comes to an end.

Mark said: "The weekend will mark the end of the high-pressure dominance, which has been such a feature of our weather over the past few weeks.

"Low pressure to the south of Ireland will drive a few showers during Saturday and into Sunday."


Those showers will bring humid and dry air.

Some will be delighted to hear that overnight temperatures are to be very mild at around 13 degrees.

For Sunday, Met Eireann said temperatures are going to soar and will be between 20 and 24 degrees in light winds.

They said: "Any showers will gradually die out during the evening as the cloud breaks up too. Some clear and dry spells will develop overnight in light winds."

Monday will be warm and will see temperatures of 20 to 25 degrees all day with some isolated showers.

Overall, we're set for another lovely week of warm, dry weather.


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