Molly Mae responds to hate over her baby girl's unique name 4 months ago

Molly Mae responds to hate over her baby girl's unique name

Bambi is an adorable name.

Molly Mae has shut down backlash over her baby girl's name. The new mum was hit with waves of hate after naming her daughter after the Disney character Bambi.

The name may be a little out there, but Molly said she has always wanted to call her child after the classic Disney character.

In her latest vlog, the new mum opened up about her daughter's moniker.

Molly said she loves her daughter's name so much and doesn't care if others are nasty about it.

However, she did turn off comments on her Instagram because she was tired of people making such a positive experience so negative.

"I’m Bambi Fury, that’s my name. I know some people may not like it, but I love it," the new mum said.

"I can’t believe I can now say her name! The long-awaited name reveal that was a really, really hard day for me, I’ll be completely honest."


"I think because we’d always known that our first baby girl was going to be called Bambi, we had gotten so used to the idea of that being her name, and so to us that wasn’t really unusual anymore?

Molly Mae said she knows her daughter's name isn't traditional, but she adores how unique it is.

"I know it’s unusual and unique and not going to be to everyone’s taste, so when we announced it, in my mind… it’s a beautiful name. And then two seconds later, I was like, “Oh my God!”’

She said the backlash reminded her of how nasty people can be, but she said they won't stop her from appreciating the "most precious gift in the world".