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22nd Jul 2023

Mum gives birth to baby in toilet after thinking she just ‘had to poo’


“By the time I realised it was a baby and not poop, it was too late.”

A pregnant woman in the US was shocked to discover the toilet break she thought she needed was actually her going into labour earlier than expected.

Victoya Venise, a graphic designer and social media manager from Louisiana, delivered her own baby in a bathroom after believing she was just having a bowel movement.

“So this happened… I delivered my own baby in my hotel bathroom toilet,” the mum wrote in a Facebook post announcing her son’s arrival. “I thought I had to poo but it was the biggest blessing yet… This is what a miracle looks like.”

Victoya had travelled to Georgia for a work trip on April 1, and while she knew she was pregnant, her baby wasn’t due until May 15th.

She fell ill at the hotel, experiencing what she believed to be symptoms of the stomach bug her four-year-old daughter had been suffering from.

Yet while she was on the toilet, her baby boy arrived.

“It didn’t really make sense because I was sitting up on the toilet and the baby came out,” Victoya told NBC’s WXIA-TV. “By the time I realised it was a baby and not poop, it was too late.”

Speaking to several Fox News channels, the graphic designer added that she “gasped” in shock at finding her newborn son in the toilet.

“I turned around, and it was the baby,” she recalled. “I hurried up, and I grabbed him out of the toilet. I found a towel and I wrapped him up.

“I was sitting on the toilet and I called my mom. I was like, ‘mom, I just had the baby.’ I was like, ‘he fell in the toilet.'”

Fortunately, both the mother and her son, who she named Rocky, are doing well.

“Rocky is a nickname that was given to my grandfather,” she explained. “And I just thought that it was kind of so befitting because it was like you had a rocky start, but you’re going to be strong and you’re a fighter.”

“I’m so in love with him,” she added to People. “It’s been a crazy experience.”

Feature image via WXIA-TV/11Alive.