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20th Jul 2023

The colour of your kid’s swimsuit could save their life


The safety tip we will be following from now on!

The heatwave has hit Europe and we want nothing more than to throw on our swimsuit and head away to the beach.

As much as we love a trip to the beach, the smell of the sea air, and the promise of fish and chips and 99s, we can’t help but fret about the stresses that come with it.


From the mediocre things like sandy sandwiches and forgetting the football to making sure the kids are covered in SPF 50 and are being safe in the water.

Water safety is something we all need to be aware of and the more we know the better.

There are so many things we can do to ensure kids are safe when at the beach, but this tip has to be one of the best we’ve discovered.

According to experts, wearing a colourful swimsuit can help save their life if they do get into trouble in the water.

Water safety company ALIVE Solutions Inc. conducted a study to see if the colour of your swimwear made a difference and the results are astounding.

They revealed that bright and colourful swimsuits are easier to spot underwater so if your child was in difficulty it would be easier to locate them.


They said the best colours to wear are bright and contrasting so neon yellow, green and orange are great options.

The team also discovered that blue water distorted some colours like pink, red and orange significantly. They said they appeared darker than we would think.

They added, “White colouring looked light blue in this environment and was easy to see close up, but the farther away you moved the quicker it disappeared.”

Darker colours disappeared quickly and were harder to locate.

So it looks like we’ll be embracing the neon shades of the 80s this summer.

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