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20th Jul 2023

Map shows last known whereabouts of missing French toddler

An investigation into a missing toddler in France is still ongoing after he vanished from a small village in the Alps.

Two-year-old Émile Soleil was reported missing on July 8th and a massive search ensued involving hundreds of gendarmes, police, and volunteers.

The search was then called off on July 14th as police are now looking into various theories surrounding his disappearance, including the possibility of murder, kidnapping, or an accident involving farm machinery.

The village of Le Vernet, in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, has now been restricted to everyone except residents until the end of July.

Émile went missing from his grandparents’ house and was last seen playing outside as his parent were at their home in Marseille.

The search for the missing boy was called off the day after blood was found on the front of a car and was sent for scientific analysis.

The result of this has yet to be revealed, with an investigating source saying at the time: “We don’t even know if it is human blood.”

A map published by has now shown the last known whereabouts of the young boy before he was known to be missing.

Police believe Émile may have walked away from his grandparents’ home as the family was getting ready to leave.

He is said to be a good walker for his age and was “always chasing butterflies”, and easily “could have got a long way away, before hiding somewhere for a nap”, an emergency services source previously said.

Two people then reported seeing Émile leaving the house but lost a “trace of him”, local prosecutor Remy Avon said.