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06th Dec 2023

This mum won’t allow her family members to hug her kids

Anna Martin

mum hugs

A hug can do you a world of good

Feeling sad? Here’s a hug. Super happy? Let’s hug to celebrate. Are you excited? Let’s hug it out!

Of course, there are some circumstances when maybe you don’t want an embrace, especially for example from a strange but this mum won’t let her family members hug her kids.

Loren Cash has a list of rules for her two kids, ranging from a ban on sleepovers to no iPads for “as many years as possible,” which has been met with criticism.

Speaking to Carter News Agency, the mother insists that she created these rules in order to “protect” her children Nova, two, and Luna, five months, yet some people don’t see it that way.

The 25-year-old from Birmingham said her list of rules first started when Nova was old enough to start attending nursery, as she had read several reports online of young children being mistreated while out of their parents’ care.

Loren didn’t want to take the risk and decided not to send Nova to nursery, as she felt it would be safer for her to stay at home.

mum hugs
Credit: Loren Cash/Instagram

Explaining her reasoning, she said, “There are so many incidents out there of people mistreating kids when the parents aren’t there and at this age, my daughters are too young to say if anything happened so it’s not a risk I’m willing to take.

“We’re in a position where we’d rather keep Nova at home with her baby sister where we know she’s safe.”

Loren has decided that she will apply the same rules to Luna when she gets older.

The mum also won’t allow her family members to touch her daughters and won’t let her mum kiss or hug her granddaughters until they’re old enough to tell her what they want.

“No means no with family too. If a family member wants to hug one of the girls then it needs to be the girl’s choice, they deserve to have their own voice.

My mum always wants to hug and kiss her grandkids, but I tell her they’re not to kiss and if they don’t want to be touched then she should respect it,” Loren said.

“I know family members always look after people’s kids but for us, if my daughter isn’t comfortable around that person then she’s not going anywhere with them.

“My family have said that my choices are too strict, they don’t fully agree with things, but they do try to understand where I’m coming from.”