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Baby names

17th Nov 2023

Ten beautiful baby names that mean ‘hope’

baby names

The meaning behind these baby names is hope and they’re so beautiful

If you’re pregnant or a parent then you’ll be all too familiar with the struggle of wading through a list of baby names.

Trying to pick a name for your little one can be tricky when there are so many options out there.

One thing we love is looking up the meaning of baby names because it makes them feel that little extra special.

Finding out the meaning of a name can help you develop a special connection to it.

One baby name trend that is growing in popularity is baby names that mean ‘hope’.

The beautiful monikers can represent so much but also have personal meanings for every new parent.

We’ve gathered up a list of our favourite baby names that mean ‘hope’ and there are some pretty special names in there.

You can check out the full list below.

  • Kit meaning ‘pure hope’
  • Aurora after the Roman Goddess of sun
  • Dove like the symbol of hope and peace
  • Iris is of Greek origin, meaning ‘hope and rainbow’
  • Nova meaning ‘new hope’
  • Violet after the colour that symbolises hope
  • Asha meaning ‘hope and life’
  • Jesse meaning ‘a gift of hope’
  • Nadia of Slavic origin, meaning ‘hope’
  • Elema meaning ‘hope and inspiration’

What is your favorite name on this list?