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16th Nov 2023

Dad refuses to bring his toddler to daycare if he isn’t ready on time

This dad’s controversial opinion is sparking debate online

A dad has caused conflict online after admitting he doesn’t bring his son to daycare if he isn’t ready on time. His wife is against this action, but the dad goes against her wishes and keeps the toddler at home.

He told Reddit that he is trying to teach his son a lesson, but isn’t he too young?

He said their three-year-old attends daycare during the day and he is the one who drops him off.

“My wife cannot drive so she unfortunately cannot take him,” he explained.

“I have found that if I get my son out the door by 8:45 am, I can get him to daycare and then be on time for work. Unfortunately, my wife tends to drag her feet with getting him fed and ready, so she has caused me to be late multiple times.”

The dad explained that he cannot be late to his job as his work deems it “unacceptable”.

Being late to daycare means he is often late for work and this could affect his future employment.

“I have been late four times since he started going to daycare, and my wife has only gotten less consistent,” he said.

He has decided that he won’t bring their son to daycare if she continues to be late.

“I realised that if I waited for my wife to get him fully ready, I’d be late to work. I simply walked out the door. She called me screaming angrily, but I told her that if she didn’t want him to stay home, she should have had him ready on time.”

The dad doesn’t think he’s in the wrong, but many parents said he was being unfair.

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