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07th Feb 2024

Outrage after teenagers are served non-alcoholic prosecco at party

Kat O'Connor

The teenagers were served non-alcoholic beverages at a friend’s party

A mum has sparked a debate online after her daughter was served non-alcoholic prosecco at a school friend’s party.

She was shocked after her daughter returned home from a birthday party with other teenagers and revealed she drank non-alcoholic prosecco at it.

The mum opened up about the incident on Mumsnet and admitted it’s been playing on her mind since the party.

“My 13-year-old went to a birthday party on Saturday night for a girl she’s friends with in her year (8) at school.”

She explained that the teenager’s mum was attending the party, but she still felt uncertain after it.

“There was about 13 girls there and the mum was there too. I picked her up at about 9.30 and she told me the mum had got some alcohol-free Prosecco for them.”

The woman’s daughter tried the drink but admitted she was not a fan of it.

“It’s been playing on my mind and just doesn’t sit right with me giving children that young alcohol-free Prosecco,” she admitted.

She explained that she’s the daughter of an alcoholic so this was extremely triggering for her. The mum confessed that she may have been over the top, but she just felt uncertain after the incident.

“Is it like like trying makeup out? Trying to look grown up maybe? I’m just not sure.”

“I have older teens who have been allowed to drink around us after around 16/17 so I’m not anti-alcohol and drink myself.”

Many parents agreed that they would have no issues with this, but others expressed their concerns about it online.

One said it was incredibly wrong of the other mum not to check with her before the party.

“When we have other kids over, I always send a message or mention to the parent what they will be having.”

Another said: “It’s all a bit weird. Kids don’t really tend to be all that interested in alcohol these days anyway compared to how it was 20 years ago.”