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07th Feb 2024

Influencer Dominique Nugent sadly suffers baby loss

Kat O'Connor

**WARNING: This article mentions baby loss**

Dominique Nugent bravely opened up about the heartbreaking loss

Influencer, Dominique Nugent has bravely opened up about the loss of her baby. She suffered the most devastating loss at 16 weeks pregnant.

Dominique opened up about the harrowing experience on Instagram last night.

She said it’s hard to comprehend how pregnancy can quickly turn into “sadness and grief of a loss”.

She explained that she was overjoyed when she found out she was pregnant last year.

“We had a few scans and saw our baby moving around kicking and waving. We heard their heartbeat for the first time, it was magic.

She continued: “We were both so excited.”

“At a follow-up scan when the doctor couldn’t find their heartbeat anymore everything came crashing down. Our hopes and dreams were dashed in that moment,” she shared.

Dominique confirmed she was admitted to the Coombe and her labour was induced.

“I went through days of pain and agonising contractions all while knowing I wouldn’t be taking our baby home at the end of it all. I delivered our baby on the 19th of January one day short of 16 weeks.”

Despite the heartache, the influencer said they spent some “precious moments” together.

“It was the saddest day of our lives having to say goodbye before we ever got to say hello. I thought of that car seat photo everyone takes leaving the hospital and thought of us leaving with our baby’s tiny coffin.”

Dominque said they wished for a baby but they “got a little angel instead”.

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