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Baby names

19th Nov 2023

Couple spark controversy after revealing the names of their triplets

Are these baby names a little too out there for their triplets?

A couple has sparked controversy online after revealing the names of their triplets.

Finding one perfect name for your newborn is quite a tough job, but finding three sounds pretty intense.

You not only need to find a name that suits each baby, but three that go well together too.

Rachel and Jordan Flom went viral earlier this year after sharing their triplet pregnancy news with Rachel’s mum.

And the pair are trending yet again after revealing the unique names they plan on giving their triplets.

They want to call their children Locklan, Wilder, and Brisbane. They may not be traditional names, but it is Rachel and Jordan’s decision at the end of the day.

The parents explained the reason behind the unique names and said they’re all linked to special places in their lives.

“Locklan means from the lands of lakes. I’m from Minnesota,” Jordan explained.

Jordan lived in Brisbane, Australia for some time so felt it was right to choose Brisbane as one of the names.

They also chose the name ‘Wilder’ because they have a special connection to the town of the same name in Minnesota.

There is one name in particular that is causing a stir online and that’s Brisbane. Many of their followers pointed out that it isn’t an official name for a human, but the pair don’t seem to be phased by the backlash.

One user said: “I thought Wilder was the worst, but then came Brisbane Leigh. Please think about how much your kids will get bullied because of their names. You’re setting them up for failure.”

Another added: “These are human beings who will have to spend their entire lives with these names, they aren’t pets who will never care or understand the origin of a name.”

What do you think of the names?