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3rd trimester

15th Nov 2023

‘I plan on charging my friends to attend my baby shower – am I wrong?’

She wanted guests to pay to attend her gender reveal.

One mum-to-be has sparked a debate after asking her guests to pay to attend her gender reveal. Gender reveals are a pretty expensive event to host, but they’re always worth it.

You need to cover everything from food and drink to decorations, and sometimes even entertainment.

But is it fair to ask your friends to pay to attend the celebration?

One woman said her friend wants each guest to pay €20 for food and drinks, but she believes it is pretty rude to expect them to fork out for an event like this.

“Personally, I don’t mind going, especially since they’re a good friend and I’d love to hang out and catch up. I also don’t mind paying $20 bucks but I do think it’s bad taste. I don’t think other guests will take it as lightly as I am.”

The friend said she “feels a little off about it” but has paid the €20 because she doesn’t want to upset anyone.

“I’ve already paid because the husband and I go a long way back. I‘ve spoken to some of the other guests and most didn’t seem to care about paying which was surprising.”

The woman said she only paid because they’re such good friends, but feels like they’re asking too much of people.

“Having the guest pay for catering was the wife’s idea and she said that it was normal in Japan and I guess he’s just going with it,” the friend said.

Reddit users felt it was a little cheeky to ask guests to pay, especially during the cost of living crisis.

However, many agreed it was a fair move because they didn’t want their guests to buy them gifts.

One said: “That’s way beyond rude.”

Another added: “I mean who cares about a dumb gender reveal, to begin with, but then charge your guests?”

What do you think?