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3rd trimester

01st Dec 2023

Three pregnancy belly support solutions for expecting mums

baby bump pregnancy

Pregnancy comes with many changes

From fluctuating hormones, stretch marks and probably the one that everyone thinks of, a growing baby belly.

Stomach pain in the second trimester is often due to round ligament pain as your baby continues to grow and basically, take up space.

Your womb is expanding and this can cause the ligaments to stretch. This can cause pain in your lower tummy, groin or hips on one or both sides.

What’s a pregnant person to do? One option: Get some belly support. Here are three ways to help with the bump bother.

Pregnancy belly band

baby bump pregnancy
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One very popular option is an adjustable belly band which, on top of providing back, hip, and abdomen support, can take pressure off the bladder.

Belly bands can be a good choice as they are lightweight and easy to clean but one downside is they are often made from fibers that do not adequately absorb moisture.

This can make you feel hot and sweaty and even lead to skin irritation.

Kinesiology tape

This is an adhesive, elastic, and often colourful tape and can stay put for a long time if used correctly.

Strategically applied to the abdomen or back, it is especially helpful in relieving ligament pain.

A study found that the therapeutic effects started on the second day after beginning taping and lasted for two days after the tape was removed.

Pregnancy belt

baby bump pregnancy
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For some heavy-duty support look no further than a pregnancy support belt with an abdominal support pad that tucks under your belly and an upper tummy strap.

These belts are typically wider on the back, which can aid in stability. However, some people find the extra fabric uncomfortable.