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20th Feb 2024

Emily Atack perfectly responds to troll who accused her of always touching her baby bump

Jody Coffey

Emily ATack

Cradling your baby bump is good for you and your baby

Emily Atack has responded to a troll who accused her of always touching her baby bump.

The mum-to-be announced she was expecting her first child in December and has since been bringing her followers along on her journey to motherhood, often sharing pictures of her growing bump.

One follower seemingly took issue with how often the TV personality cradled her baby bump in photos and opted to send Emily a message to ask why.

“How heavy is the bump? Not seen a picture with you hand off it,” the follower questioned.

Despite the nature of the message, the actress responded to the question most perfectly and touchingly.

“It seems to really irritate some people. My only answer is that it’s my baby I’m physically and literally carrying.

“It’s one of the most natural instincts in the world. It’s a sign of affection and protection,” Emily wrote over a screenshot of the message on her Instagram story.

“And I’m probably hungry too. Hope this answers your pestiferous questions.”

While The Inbetweeners star shouldn’t have been called out for this in the first place, it highlights a lovely thing that expectant mums do.

Cradling your baby bump helps to strengthen the bond between you and your baby

According to Balanced Families, being in poses that involve cradling your belly can promote physical well-being.

It can also enhance the emotional connection between a mum and her unborn baby.

In prenatal yoga, many poses will involve the cradling of the bump which works to strengthen your body and deepen the bond with your baby.