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17th Apr 2024

‘My wife threatened to divorce me if I don’t have another child with her’

Kat O'Connor

This man’s wife has given him a shocking ultimatum

A man has opened up about a complicated relationship issue he is facing with his family. The husband explained that he has two children with his wife and had a vasectomy after their second child, but his wife now wants a third child.

He said their children are in high school, so having another child would really change their family.

The man explained that his wife is willing to divorce him if he doesn’t agree to have another child.

The dad told Reddit: “My wife (39) and I (40) have 2 children together. Kids are healthy, happy, and in high school. My wife has decided she wants another baby and is willing to divorce over it if I refuse.”

The dad admitted that they have been having relationship difficulties for the last while, but they are getting some professional help.

“I had a vasectomy after our second, I’m only ever having 2. We are in couples counselling but it’s only for 1 hour every 2 weeks and talks to outside of counselling are not going well,” he said.

The dad wanted to retire after their youngest child left school

He said he feels like his wife is having a midlife crisis and this is why she’s come to this decision.

The dad said they’ll be able to retire comfortably when their youngest child finishes high school, but not if they have another baby.

“We have been working on that plan for 15 years but now my wife thinks we can afford another baby and should have one. I am 100% done having kids. I love the ones I have but I’m good. How do I resolve this and save my marriage?” the dad asked.

Many users agreed that it sounds like she is afraid of being an empty nester, but having a baby may not be the answer here.

Others said the husband should go easy on his wife because “kids flying the nest can be a tough time for mums”.

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