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19th Feb 2024

‘Nobody showed up to my child’s birthday party’

Kat O'Connor

This mum was heartbroken for her child after nobody showed up to her birthday

Planning a birthday party for your little one is never easy especially when you need to figure out who to invite.

Do you ask their entire class or just their close friends? Do you stick to family only or have a major party?

One mum faced a harrowing dilemma after none of her son’s friends showed up to the event.

She opened up about the heartbreaking moment on Reddit:

“My oldest turned 11 last week and today we had his birthday party.

She explained: “He has CP and uses a wheelchair, I invited his whole class from last year and his whole class from this year, all my friends with kids, in-laws with kids, etc.”

The mum confirmed that only one of her friends and their child came to the party.

She was devastated for her son but tried to put on a brave face for her son.

She ended up texting her friends who didn’t have children and managed to fill up the room after a while.

The mum admitted she begged them to come so her son wasn’t completely devastated by the tiny number of people in the room.

“I got a good handful to come fill the room but I’m still heartbroken,” she admitted.

“You never think your kid is gonna be the kid no one shows up for until your kid is the kid no one shows up for,” she wrote.

Fellow parents tried to reassure her and stressed that this had happened to them many times before and it wasn’t a reflection of her child.

One mum said: “And this is one reason why we attend every birthday party invite that we can. No one should be sad on their birthday.”

Another added: “Maybe inviting people/kids en mass makes them all think that someone else will show up and they don’t need to.”