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16th Feb 2024

‘Trust your instincts’ – Kimberley Walsh shares vital message after son’s hospitalisation

Kat O'Connor

Kimberley Walsh is reminding parents to trust their instincts if their child is unwell

Kimberley Walsh’s son was recently admitted to hospital, but was sent home shortly after with health professionals saying he was ‘fine’.

However, the former singer admitted she knew something wasn’t right and has reminded fellow parents to always trust their instincts.

Kimberley Walsh explained that her son had fallen off a chair at their home while he was playing.

The mum was nervous about his injuries so she decided to take him to hospital. However, after being checked out by a nurse, the family was sent home.

She explained: “Not exactly how I hoped half term would go. My little climbing monkey fell off the chair and landed funny on his arm.

“I knew something wasn’t right so we went to A & E to get him checked over. The nurse thought he was fine so sent us home but he really wasn’t happy,” the mum shared.

Kimberley said her son was “unsettled” for most of the night so she decided to trust her gut and take him back to hospital.

It turns out the mum had a reason to feel concerned as her son had dislocated his elbow.

“After a very unsettled night and him really not wanting to use his arm at all we took him back the next day and asked for an X-ray.

“Turned out he had dislocated his elbow. Poor little thing was so brave it kills me,” the mum wrote.

She urged fellow parents to always trust their instincts because you never know what’s going on with your little one.

“The moral of the story is to trust your instincts. I knew something was wrong thank god we went back. He’s back to his normal self again but unfortunately, the climbing hasn’t stopped,” she wrote.

Parents praised Kimberley for being so honest about her experience.